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 Evidence of Solids, Minks, Lynx, Red Factor, Chocolate and Lilac in Ann Baker's Ragdoll Lines from the Beginning...

By Christine Lupo & Elvia Leclair

"True Ragdolls with Proof of Ancestry!"


 When certificates of registration were transferred from Ann Baker's IRCA Registry to the TICA Registry, all Ragdolls were reregistered as Ragdolls in one grouping, and not as individuals. Many Non-Traditional Ragdolls were actually registered as Traditional Ragdolls when they were transferred from IRCA to TICA, instead of being specifically registered as a Solid Ragdoll or a Mink Ragdoll. This was most prevalent in the case of the Solid Ragdolls. 

On this Page you can find Non-Traditional Ragdolls registered in Ann Baker's IRCA Registry, who was the original creator of the Ragdoll breed.

You will find mink and solid Ragdoll Registrations posted here from Rovena Parmley's cattery, TuftyToes. 

From IRCA to TICA...CLICK on the TICA Pedigrees for direct PawPed Links to each Pedigree in order to view the complete lineage of each Ragdoll Cat.

The Ragdolls that are posted are from the very beginning lines of Solid Ragdolls, Mink Ragdolls, Lynx Ragdolls, Smoke and Silver Ragdolls, and Yes, even Tortie and Torbie Ragdolls.  Undisputable evidence is right here, in black and white (on the certificates of registration and in Lucinda and Priscilla Ann!), that all Ragdolls were created by Ann Baker. It was her every intention to include all of the following; Lynx, Red Factor, Chocolate, Lilac, Mink, Solid, and Traditional.  There was not a point in time where she did not want any of them to be included in her lines--she, herself, registered these mink and solid cats as RAGDOLLS! 

The only ongoing problem is that those who were showing the Ragdolls in the beginning, Denny Dayton followers, only showed what they call the pointed Ragdolls. Minks, Sepias, and Solids are not registrable in all cat associations. They are not currently accepted for championship in North America. Many Ragdoll clubs do not allow breeders of minks, solids, or sepia Ragdolls to join or advertise their non-blue eyed kittens. The Mink, Sepia, and Solid Ragdolls may be registered and shown, however, in TICA, ironically, under “New Traits.” Mink, Sepia, and Solid Ragdolls (that are not blue-eyed white) do not adhere to the breed standard of multiple organizations and clubs, which state that a Ragdoll is a blue-eyed pointed cat. This was, and is, the written standard initially created and commercialized by the Daytons who PURCHASED blue eyed Ragdolls from Ann Baker. 

The Daytons, and a group of their followers, dismissed Ann Baker's vision of her Ragdoll and made it their mission to establish a small representation of the Ragdoll breed, the pointed Ragdoll, in the various cat fancier associations and show halls. This needs to change to reflect Ann Baker's vision of what is truly a RAGDOLL, whether it be in the current cat fancy organizations that exist today, or that of an exclusive registry, much like that of Ann Baker's Registry. An all inclusive, exclusive registry for Ragdolls that are indeed, "True Ragdolls with proof of ancestry!"

Rovena Parmley at a TICA cat show with one of her Ragdolls.

<--------------Ann Baker's Cherubim Line, also referred to as Honeybears and Miracle Line...

Priscilla Ann, Black and White Solid Mitted Female----------->

Lucinda, Black and White Solid Bicolor Female---------------->

<-----------An early litter of both pointed and solid Ragdoll kittens.